You’ve never sat and watched a tree grow. A strong tree is only as good as the solid roots below the surface. At enRich, we assist you in building deep financial roots that will allow you to clarify the vision you have for your life.

enRich helps you understand how life’s financial components can be enhanced to build a legacy of connections with the people and dreams you value. Our style is warm and professionally focused.


We recognize that it is a great privilege to service the needs of our clients, and we offer a comprehensive range of services.

Special Needs Financial Planning

At its core, special needs planning addresses the same financial planning considerations of all typical families. Your special needs planner will discuss retirement planning, investment strategies, insurance options, estate planning, and tax reduction.

Farm Estate Planning

In the past, as recent as one generation ago, a farm succession was much easier, and many got away with little to no planning. Today, because of tax and regulation changes over the years, a farm succession with no planning can be costly to the point of making it impossible for most owners.