Our Approach

Seeing the forest for the trees isn’t getting any easier. With all the demands on your attention and energy, isn’t it time you treated yourself to a financial life?

At enRich Private Wealth Management, we offer an unparalleed approach we call The Financial Lifestyle Designer™. Our holistic process for wealth management and financial lifestyle planning is based on detailed insights about your goals and values, coupled with an uncommon financial perspective. We deliver confidence though education, and capability through goal achievement.

Step 1 Explore

We begin by actively listening and learning about you and your financial goals. We deepen our understanding to build a complete portrait of your dreams, desires and financial necessities.

Step 2 Design

With a confirmation from you about our understanding and an alignment with your vision, we share a basic path of action. We employ The enRiched Life Matrix™, a macro-perspective outline that illustrates the actions we’ll take to realize your financial lifestyle potential.

Step 3 Convey

To affirm that we are in sync with your vision, we introduce you to a detailed plan that gives you the specific actions we are taking to supply you with a list of frequently un-asked questions you should be asking about your plan.

Step 4 Orchestrate

We work as your advocate by thoroughly handling the implementation process within the context of your priorities. As we proceed, we’ll provide rolling updates regarding project management status so you can enjoy empowerment over your future.

Step 5 enRich

We work together with you to monitor and track the progress of your initial goals and values. Any needed adjustments are addressed, as we continue to enRich your financial lifestyle.

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The Financial LifeStyle Designer ™